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Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide

  • Identify the scope of practice as a nurse aide 
  • Demonstrate the ability to report effectively, using proper terminology. 
  • Know Public Health Law 
  • Understand the purpose of standard and universal precautions 
  • Comprehend, assess and thoroughly cater to the needs of patients

This C.N.A course is a New York State Edfucation Department licensed program. The course is divided into six major units and 30hours of clinical placement. The total duration of this program is 129 hours. the program has a duration of 6 weeks

E.K.G & Phlebotomy

  • Describe the electrical activity and the conduction system of the heart 
  • Identify all basic equipment and supplies needed for ECG 
  • Describe the electrocardiogram and how to use the ECG machine 
  • Identify and report any interference and mechanical problems  
  • Understand the role of Phlebotomist  
  • Understand the Anatomy and Physiology of the Blood cells and vessels  
  • Follow the standard Precautions and exposure control plan standards 
  • Describe and identify different types of blood vessels and their structures 
  • Many more.......

The E.K.G Curriculum is divided into 9 major units.  The total duration of this program is 46 hours and runs for 2 weeks. This course requires full concentration when dealing with patients either in the hospital settings or doctor’s office. The Phlebotomy Curriculum is divided into 4 major units. The total duration for this program is 46hours and runs for 2 weeks. This course requires patience and full concentration when taking blood samples from patients of different ages either in the hospital settings or the doctor’s office

Medical Billing & Coding

  • Have the knowledge of Basic Medical Terminology  
  • Be able to operate Medical Billing software successfully  
  • Be able to collect patient data and register patients and their family members by using the medical billing software 
  • Be able to Schedule the appointments and complete Physician’s office visit for the patients  
  • Having the basic knowledge of all CPT (Diagnostic codes) and ICD 9 CM (Procedure) Codes.  
  • Be able to prepare complete Insurance claims and applying specific CPT and ICD codes.  
  • Be able to maintain patient accounts, Billing the Patient and Collecting Co pays.  
  • Be able to receive Reimbursements from Insurance companies. 
  • Have the knowledge of different types of Insurances including Medicare, Medicaid and other Commercial Insurances.  
  • Be able to maintain Patient medical records and Follow HIPPA Rules and respect Patient’s Confidentiality.

The Curriculum is divided into 5 major units and each unit consists of different topics, the Program duration is 60 hours of teaching including 20 hours of practical skills. At the end of the program students will be able to comfortably operate the Medical Billing software and should be able to prepare Error Free Insurance Claims.