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About Mericel Academy...
Mericel Academy is a New York State Licensed adult career school that was founded and located in New Hyde Park, N.Y. This academy offers various programs including Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide, Home Health Aide as well as EKG & Phlebotomy and Medical Billing.

It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and the practical skills that will help you succeed in a real world environment. We provide you with exceptional education that is unmatched and affordable.  We also offer various payment plans that will allow you to pay for the program at your own pace. 

We carefully screen our Instructors with extensive background checks, to ensure that we provide you with the best Instructors possible. As a result we have a high passing rate for the NYS certification exam.

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​​Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide
  • Identify the scope of practice as a nurse aide 
  • Demonstrate the ability to report effectively, using proper terminology.
  • Know Public Health Law 
  • Understand the purpose of standard and universal precautions
  • Comprehend, assess and thoroughly cater to the needs of patients

Home Health Aide

  • Be able to describe the role of the home health aide
  • To know the responsibilities involved in caring for clients at home
  • Be able to create a safe environment for the clients
  • Be able to properly communicate with clients, families, other healthcare providers
  • Describe typical duties and care responsibilities for clients of all ages and levels of health
  • Be able to identify and vet sources of dietary information, as well as describe how to plan, purchase, store and serve food to clients with different dietary restrictions/health concerns.
  • Be able to detect and describe specific care regiments performed by the HHA
  • Be able to recognize and describe exercises designed to assist clients gain and maintain strength and flexibility, as per care plan.
  • Be able to take and record vital signs, as well as collect specimens

E.K.G & Phlebotomy​​

  • Describe the electrical activity and the conduction system of the heart  ​​
  • Identify all basic equipment and supplies needed for ECG 
  • Describe the electrocardiogram and how to use the ECG machine 
  • Identify and report any interference and mechanical problems  
  • Understand the role of Phlebotomist  
  • Understand the Anatomy and Physiology of the Blood cells and vessels  
  • Follow the standard precautions and exposure control plan standards 
  • Describe and identify different types of blood vessels and their structures 
  • Many more.......

Medical Billing & Coding 

  • Have the knowledge of Basic Medical Terminology  
  • ​Be able to operate Medical Billing software successfully  
  • Be able to collect patient data and register patients and their family members by using the medical billing software 
  • Be able to Schedule the appointments and complete Physician’s office visit for the patients  
  • Having the basic knowledge of all CPT (Diagnostic codes) and ICD 9 CM (Procedure) Codes.  
  • Be able to prepare complete Insurance claims and applying specific CPT and ICD codes.  
  • Be able to maintain patient accounts, billing the Patient and collecting co-pays.  
  • Be able to receive reimbursements from Insurance companies. 
  • Have the knowledge of different types of Insurances including Medicare, Medicaid and other Commercial Insurances.  
  • Be able to maintain patient medical records and follow HIPPA Rules as well as respect Patient’s Confidentiality.
Career Outlook
We work with various facilities and agencies across New York State, which allows us to assist you with a seamless transition into your chosen profession. Each course we offer provides you with the education to enter some of the fastest growing fields in the Healthcare industry. 

Regardless of which course you choose, we are there with you every step of the way. 

Job placement is one of  the cornerstones to the services offered in our school, in addition to the valuable education we provide.
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"I completed the C.N.A course here this past summer and it was an amazing experience. In 6 weeks I was able to be fully licensed with the state and the school also provided me with great real life experience. Definitely well worth the time....."

Sani , Summer 2017 
"Excellent academy! The environment is great and the teacher is amazing. She is always willing to help and go the extra mile when you don't understand the lessons. They prepare you really good and you leave with a lot of confidence."

Ms. Reyes Summer 2018
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